Monday, April 30, 2012

Mini Shoe Haul

Shoes? Yay!

I saw Payless had a buy one get one half off sale and I've really been wanting some black platform pumps for special occasions or just to wear when I feel like it. I went on the website to begin my search and yes! they had some.
I'm usually a size 8, which is what the wedges are and they fit great, however they didn't have an 8 in the black pumps where we went. I ended up getting a 7 1/2 Wide, which I'm glad I did since they fit just right.

Without further ado, these are the lovely pairs of shoes.

Brash Komet Platform Pump: $34.99

American Eagle Miles Espadrille Wedge: $26.99

With the buy one get one 50% off, in total it was $51.xx.

A few dollars more than what I paid for my previous Target shoe purchase, but much better quality.
(I returned them due to the Mossimo shoes having scuffs and being poorly made and/or shipped)

M e a s u r e m e n t s
The Komet Platform Pumps are 5 inches with a 1.5 inch platform. 
The AE Wedges have a 4.5 inch jute-wrapped wedge heel with  a 1.5 inch platform.

C o m f o r t
I haven't had them for long so clearly I haven't worn either for extended period of time.
However, I feel like the wedges will stay comfortable for quite a while of walking since I feel zero discomfort.
As for the pumps, well.. they're five inches. They definitely won't be my top pick for walking around the mall, but I'm glad I have them for the occasions that come up when I'm always struggling to find nice shoes.
When I tried them on in the store, the pumps felt really comfortable. Though when I got home, they seemed a bit more harsh on my feet. (I guess that could be because in the store they have carpet, whereas I have hardwood floors.)
Overall, I'm really happy and satisfied with both of them.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.


  1. Both of your picks look great! I really like the black pumps. 5 inches? I think I'd fall over haha. I am so bad at wearing heals :( lol. I have a few, but they're not too high. The wedges you got look perfect for summer!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, they're pretty extreme, but I have some boots that are 5 inches so I guess I have a little practice. (They still hurt though.)
      I really like the wedges! They're comfy and I think they fit good for summer, too. (:


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