Friday, May 4, 2012

April Favorites

Due to this being my first favorites post, I have some new items and some not so new items.

Hardy Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer in Light
Revlon Nail Lacquer in Minted
Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake
Urban Decay Primer Potion (Original)
Make Up Forever HD Foundation in #115
e.l.f Liquid Eyeliner in Black

These are all my favorites for the month of April <3
Let me know if we share any?

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!


  1. I love the Revlon Lipbutters and I love MUFE's HD foundation! Have you tried their Due Mat Powder foundation? I used to use powder, but fell in love with liquid and I decided to try MUFE's powder and it's pretty awesome :P

    1. Me too, I like the texture the lip butter has. It's not too sticky or too greasy.
      & Ahh, torture! D: I want to try the Duo Mat Powder soo bad. That and the Mat Velvet are definitely on my wish list. (:

  2. Love the Revlon Lip Butters (I love all seven of my babies!) and the UD Primer!

    1. Oh, awesome! What are your favorite colors? I'm thinking about getting more and I'd love to get your opinion.
      And yesss, I'm very much in love with the UD primer. (:

  3. Is elf eyeliner good?
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    1. Oh, thank you! I followed you back.
      And yes, I think the elf eyeliner is good. (:
      Sometimes it takes two coats but it doesn't smudge on me at all. It's not waterproof so water takes it off easily, but other than that it stays put, even without primer.

  4. I am your newest follower! you have an awesome blog :) check mine out too if you have the time.
    These are some great favorites- I still haven't grabbed a Revlon lip butter yet and I feel terribly behind in the trends :/

    1. Yay! Love me some new followers. & Thank you!
      I checked your blog, saw lots of make-up ―my attention is yours. Haha (:
      Thanks! Aww, well I don't think they're going anywhere anytime soon so it's never too late!


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