Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tag, I'm It!

I was tagged by Traci (drinkcitra) to do these three tags. She has a really awesome blog and she's so sweet so I would definitely recommend checking out her blog!
So I'm excited to tell everyone a little more about me!

7 Random Facts:

1. I'm enrolled in online virtual homeschooling.
2. I lovelovelove Disney Halloween movies.
3. My boyfriend is moving to Florida from New York this Summer.
4. I'm extremely shy in person, which is actually why I think blogging is good for me.
5. I love making new friends. (Even though it can be kind of hard for me.)
6. I'm quite the 'video game nerd'.
7. I'm pretty small and I have a fast metabolism so I kinda eat whatever I want, but people tend to think I don't eat enough. (Hehe..little do they know.)

The Questions:

1. What's your favourite song? 
Right now my favorite song is either Velvet Arms by Jay Loftus or Jay Loftus' cover of "How To Love" (I wouldn't have even known that was a Lil' Wayne song if I hadn't looked it up.)

2. What's your favourite dessert? 
Cupcakes..maybe brownies. Depends what mood I'm in.

3. What's your favourite pet? 
I like dogs, I currently have a pitbull named Layla. She's probably the smallest pitbull I've ever seen and she's 2 years old. I think it'd be cool to have a pet teacup pig though.

4. Black or White?
It depends.. but based on the season and trends right now I think white.

5. What's your biggest fear?
Losing someone I really care about. Though I'm a pretty big scaredy cat. I tend to get scared at night when I hear noises and I convince myself the only possibility is a serial killer. (Usually happens after I watch scary movies. Though oddly enough, I love them.) Or when I'm changing and I put a shirt over my head and I always think I'm going to see someone standing right in front of me after I can see again. (I'm weird, I know.. xD)

6. What's your best feature?
I think maybe my eyes? They're probably the most unique thing about me considering they change colors from blue to green.

7. What's your everyday attitude? 
I like to think I'm usually pretty positive or just neutral. Though I can be pretty grumpy some days.

8. What is perfection?
Imperfection. (:

9. What is your guilty pleasure?
Shopping probably..especially when it comes to expensive things.

11 Questions Tag:

1. Do you like to read? What do you find yourself reaching for?
I do like to read if what I'm reading is interesting. I tend to go for mystery or thrilling/scary books. I get the most interested in them.

2. How many hours a day do you find yourself doing blog related activities?
I don't really know exactly, I think I spend a pretty good amount of time either taking pictures for blogs, thinking of blog ideas, writing a post, or reading other peoples blogs.

3. Bows or ribbons?

4. How often do you do your nails?
Probably once or twice a week.

5. Do you have a way you do your hair/face everyday or does it change on a day to day basis?
I have the same make-up every time I do it unless I decide to do some different eye shadow looks. As for my hair, I usually like to keep it up and out of my face but I'll straighten it if needed for when I have to go somewhere or just feel like it.

6. Do you have any siblings? Do they blog?
I do have siblings, and I am the youngest of them all, but none of them blog.

7. Is your health a huge concern to you?
It is a big concern but I don't think I do much to really stay 'healthy' x:
I tend to eat the tasty foods rather than all the healthy food. I mostly eat green beans or salad as my veggies.

8. Which popular thing does everyone else love... but you just don't care for?
Hm.. I think twitter. I just can't seem to get into posting much on it, but that could just be me.

9. What if someone came and told you your blog name was taken and copyrighted by someone who came before you? Would you fight it or change it? What would you change it to?
I'm not sure.. I think I'd be pretty surprised. I don't think I'd try fighting for it since they got to it first, but I can't really imagine anyone else using it. I don't really know what I'd change it to, actually.

10. How do you feel about hair extensions and fake lashes?
I think they're both handy for when you need it. I'm not against either of them, I don't own any extensions myself but I've considered it since my hair is so thin. As for lashes, I like wearing them when I want to take pictures or go out somewhere and have nice long and full lashes. The only time I have a problem with either is when people try to pass them off as real. xD

11. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? 
I couldn't tell you if I knew. Shhh.

I don't know many bloggers but since I'm new to her blog and don't know her as well, I want to tag Jayne from  CosmeticProof to do these three tags! (Hopefully you haven't already.)

Hopefully this wasn't too boring.
Thanks for reading and I hope you feel like you got to know me better.


  1. I actually just did this tag :( http://www.cosmeticproof.com/2012/05/tagget-to-know-me.html

    It was really nice getting to know you better! What video games do you like? I'm small too, although I think you are smaller than me, and people always think I starve myself, but food is one of my favourite indulgences! I can't eat a lot at once, but I snack probably 6 times a day!

    1. Oh darn! Oh well, I still get to get to know you better anyway!

      Thanks! I used to play a lot of Nintendo and Gamecube games like TMNT, Mortal Combat, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, and I've played some Xbox games with my brother, though lately I'm mostly on RPG computer games like Flyff. Haha, me too! Always good to know I'm not alone. ;D
      I think the most common thing people tell me is to "put some meat on those bones" but really my favorite food is steak and I also snack about 6 times a day. I think if I was going to grow I would, haha. (:

    2. OMG!! Harvest Moon! I am obsessed with it! I even got Harvest Moon Cute, so I could be a girl farmer and marry a cute guy! I also like Animal Crossing!

      And now just reading your latest blog post, we are the same height and weight! When I'm sick or stressed, my weight can often go under 100lbs :-S but then I start snacking again and I gain those pounds back. I'm 28 so a lot older than yourself, but I think we have similar metabolisms and body type.

    3. Omg that's so awesome! I'm trying to find 'Another Wonderful Life' again since I think we lost the one we had before and I love playing as a girl and chasing after a boy in the game. "Take my presents!" Haha, Animal Crossing is definitely a fun game too. (:

      Oh wow! That's so cool. I think that's awesome we have the same metabolism/body type going on, I hope it stays that way for me, I like being small. Grats to you for not losing your metabolism too! I remember my oldest brother would always make fun of me like "when you grow up you're gonna be fat with how much you eat". I'm just like nooo! I want to be able to eat what I want foreverrr! Haha. (:

  2. omg I absolutely enjoyed reading this! lol I'm the same way about my size like you and Jayne! People think I don't eat enough...but I can be a pig haha. You both are awesome! I don't have any girlfriends who enjoy playing video games! Just my sister and I...Gah, you're are brave. I'll watch a scary movie once in a while and I always regret it! I'll be scared for days after!

    1. Yay! Omg awesome! It seems like I can never find someone whos body type is similar to mine and I feel so small so it's great to know you guys are! Haha.
      Same here, all of my friends / old friends never play video games or online games.
      Aww haha, I always watch them but nine times out of ten, I end up regretting it that night.


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