Thursday, June 7, 2012

Immunizations, Clean Brushes & DIY

Heelloo, lovelies!
Yesterday I went to the doctor and got three surprise shots.
I got a shot for hepatitis, my second meningitis, and my second gardasil. (Gardasil hurt..)
My arm is sore ;-; and I feel like I can hardly use it. Tomorrow I have to go get blood taken for a cholesterol test since my mom has high cholesterol. (Thanks, Mom D:) So I have to not eat for twelve hours.

Now onto brush cleaning.
I don't know about you, but I always feel so much better after I clean my brushes.
I see all the make-up rinse off them and I just feel a lot better knowing I can use them on my face without all the excess make-up and germs.

What I do when I clean my brushes is I run them under luke-warm water and then use baby shampoo to clean them.
I'm the type of person who likes to see the natural color of the brush after I wash, so sometimes I have to rinse and wash repeatedly to see these results. I have tried semi-harsh soap with extra virgin olive oil which really made them look clean, but the olive oil stuck in the brushes, which lead to me having to wash them repeatedly to get it out. In the end, it probably did more harm than good.
This is not a set routine and I'm always open to suggestions! So feel free to leave your favorite method in the comments. (:

 My dirty brushes (Coastal Scents)

 Baby Shampoo

How I dry my brushes:
This may look kind of "ghetto" but I find it to be an efficient way to allow my brush to be placed downwards to dry.

I take a paper plate and tape it to a flat surface, in this case I used my dry erase board that is leaning against my wall.
Then, I tape my brushes to the paper plate.
(If you end up trying this, test your brushes to make sure it won't leave any sticky residue)
I know there's better ways to do this, but I find this works for me and I'd rather not try searching for something else that might not even work or possibly works the same.

Thanks for reading!


  1. To dry my brushes, I just set them upright in something, like a glass. they air dry well that way. It is pretty simple but works well!
    Sorry you had to get so many shots. I am low in B12 and every time I get a shot I get a nasty deep purple bruise. ugh.

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    1. Oooh okay, I'm always worried about doing that because I heard the water seeps down into the brushes and loosens the glue. Thanks for telling me it works for you though! (:
      Aww! That sucks. :(
      I feel like there's a giant bruise on my arm but everytime I check there isn't.. sure feels like I got punched several times though.

  2. Aww, it's been a long time since I've had shots, but I remember the Hepatitis one hurting quite a lot. I've used the EVOO method too, but my brushes felt so oily after!! I hated it so much! To dry them, I actually use the BrushGuard and dry them standing up. They're pretty handy because they let your brush breathe while keeping the water away from the ferrule. As a side note, I HATE cleaning my brushes. Hate it.

    1. Aww :(
      And yes! I was so upset because I thought I wouldn't be able to get it out.
      I've heard of the BrushGuard and I was thinking about trying it. Thanks for letting me know!
      I don't mind cleaning my brushes, it just takes me some time to get the motivation to actually do it. xD

  3. I hope your arm isn't sore anymore! Getting shots makes me hysterical lol. My sister thinks I'm crazy.
    Ooh I should try using baby shampoo :) I've been using disinfectant soap with extra virgin olive oil. Since some olive oil gets stuck, I'll wash it again with brush cleaner from Sephora. The only thing I like about the brush cleaner is that it smells good. It doesn't clean as well as I'd hoped. When I dry them, I used to put them as upright as I could by placing a towel with one end higher and laying the brushes upside down on it. I recently got Sigma's Dry'n Shape and I like it because it lets me put them upside down and it holds them nicely haha. I like your version on the plate though! It's simple and effective! :D

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I was mad at my mom when they said they were going to give us shots but I had to suck it up because I don't think I would've left that doctor's office without them. D:
      In the end, the shots themselves didn't hurt but the medicine did.
      Oh okay, yea the olive oil always gets stuck in my brushes and I have to clean them several times after. I've heard of the Dry'N Shape, it seems like a really cool concept. (Not too crazy about the price though)
      Thanks for letting me know your method!

  4. Wow, what a great idea! I didn't even think to dry them upside down!

  5. Your paper plate idea is genius!! I always roll a towel underneath mine so they dry on a slant, but I will have to try this! I found your blog through the blog hop, hope you can check my blog out too

    1. Thank you! I like it because I know the water isn't seeping into the brush and it dries really well and works for me. Awesome, I definitely will. Thanks!


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