Sunday, June 3, 2012


So today I went to the dollar store and to my surprise, they had some of the e.l.f studio products there. 
Unfortunately, there weren't any of the blushes which I really want to try but I haven't been to Target lately and I don't really feel up to paying six/seven dollar shipping for a 3 dollar product.
While I was there, I saw they had this Garnier Skin Renew Awakening Face Massager.
I have not tried it yet--I did test it on my hand to make sure I didn't get any reaction to it though.
Here are images of what it claims to do and the details:

(I'm clueless when it comes to ingredients.. Jayne? :D)

Next, I saw a fun DIY project that I wanted to try. I couldn't find all the things needed though. (Green tape)
So I had to use clear tape for now until I find some.

So basically, I bought some fake flowers and taped them to a pen. Flower pens!
Then I put them in this little vase so they look like a bouquet and I have a pen when I need it!

And lastly, to conclude this random post.. ice cream!
What's your favorite ice cream?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Awww, I love the flower pen! Hahaha, yes I do love ingredients! Ok, so basically, most of the ingredients in it are meant to reduce puffiness hence will make your skin feel/look tighter. One of the earlier ingredients is caffeine which does just that. There are also a few acidic ingredients (fruit extracts) that might be harsh if you have really sensitive skin, but if you tested it and you're ok, it should be fine. The acidic products all contain vitamin c which promote cell growth and should help your skin more firm. You're probably too young to really need all of this stuff, but this will probably help you out when you haven't had enough sleep and you just feel really puffy!

    1. And the alcohol is there to give you the cooling sensation :-)

    2. Oooh, thank you, you're so smart! My mom got one too so it should be helpful for her then. It's amazing how you can do that! Thanks so much for going over them all. I'm always worried about what I put on my skin so it made it easier since you cleared up those big words for me. Haha. (:
      I love the flower pens too, I just need to get some green tape so the pen doesn't show.

  2. Haha I love your "randomness" post! I just read Jayne's comment about the ingredients! That is so cool :D I've learned something hehe. I actually got a few Garnier products myself! I picked up their BB cream, dark spot corrector, and anti-sum damage lotion! I haven't used their skin products before and so far, after almost a week, I'm liking what I see! I can't wait to hear about the face massager you picked up!
    Aw I love your flower pens! They look so pretty! And as for the ice cream...that looks so good! :D

    1. Thanks! Oh awesome, I've wanted to try the BB Cream but I wasn't sure if it really works. I'm even more tempted to buy it now.
      Hehe, thank you! I thought it was a fun project to do.
      & It tastes delicious too!


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