Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake

So today I wanted to review Revlon's Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake.
This is the only lip butter I currently have but I'm hoping to pick up some other ones I've been kind of interested in. 
I'm going to keep this review short since it is a lip product and I feel it's kind of straight to the point. 
First off, I have to say I think the packaging of these are so cute!

Price: $7.49 (Varies depending where you purchase)

I believe I've mentioned before that I don't like the way this color looks on my lips alone.
I always wear concealer under it and it gives me a really nice light pink shade.
I did swatches to show the difference between the color on its own and with concealer under. The difference isn't too big on my skin but when on my lips it makes a world of difference, since I do have quite pigmented lips.

(Natural light, no flash)

As you can see, this lip butter is quite pigmented for being a tinted lip balm.
However, it is not long wearing at all, at least not for me.
This will actually start to get patchy on me maybe even twenty minutes after wearing.
If I didn't love the color so much, I'd hate it.

The rest I will simply sum up into Pros and Cons!

▪ Smooth Texture
▪ Pigmented
▪ Cute Packaging
▪ Nice application

▪ Not long wearing
▪ Becomes patchy

Do I recommend it? If you like the color, yes.
Would I repurchase? If I didn't find a shade similar and better, yes.
Rating: 3.5/5

On an unrelated note!
Do any of you use nail art brushes? If so, how do you clean the nail polish off of them?
I've read that nail polish can ruin them so I wanted to know if anyone has experience with that, all help is appreciated!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I usually clean my nail art brushes with acetone/nail polish remover!

    1. Oh okay, does that get it all out?
      I read that the nail polish can make the brush really stiff and kind of useless.
      Thanks for letting me know! (:

  2. As much as I love the Revlon lip butters, the staying power is definitely less than impressive...great range of colours and very moisturizing, but like you said, I always have to reapply like every hour or so.

    As for the nail art brushes, I use a nail polish remover that doesn't have acetone in it..it works for most polishes unless you're dealing with glitter. Using pure acetone really strips the softness away from your brushes, but if you just get cheap ones than acetone is definitely the quickest way to get them clean. I also use one of those nail polish bottles with the pump so that you can just sort of drag your brush through the liquid that pools at the top of the pump.

    1. As unfortunate as that is, I'm glad it's not me doing something wrong.
      They do have a nice range and feel just like a regular lip balm.

      Oh okay, awesome. Thanks, Jayne!
      I'm going to try the nail polish remover when I get the brushes and hopefully that works out. (:

  3. I've really enjoyed checking out the reviews on these...but I think I'll pass. :) My husband got me into these WICKED Maybelline ones that I can't get enough of. I'll do a post soon. My lips are pale (I guess I'm old :`() so my lips get fairly coloured with lipsticks. I hit my 30's and am venturing into lipsticks after a life of gloss :P

    1. Oh, awesome! I haven't tried any Maybelline lip products in a while.
      I wish my lips were more pale, it gets annoying always having such red lips.

    2. They are fab...very moisturizing!

  4. Yea, I agree with your review on the lip butters :) I kind of went crazy and bought a whole bunch on Ulta's website when they were buy 2 get one free I think...or buy one get one half off? Same thing, right? lol. I ended up not liking some of them and gave some to my sister, but yea, I like them more for the colors and the moisture.
    Hmm I clean my nail art brush with the zoya nail polish remover. It doesn't leave them as stiff as when I use acetone, but the brushes do get dry...Maybe after cleaning them with remover you could condition them with olive oil and then wash with soap? lol that's how I clean my makeup brushes.

    1. Haha, yeah I think the color and moisture is good just the staying power isn't. Though, I didn't expect much longer wear from a tinted lip balm.
      Oh okay, I'll try that once they get here. I'll probably end up experimenting to see what works. (: Thanks, Traci!

  5. I love that colour it's so pretty. I guess that's what you get for such a moisturizing lipstick though isn't it, it will just slide off.

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