Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Glitter Swatches!

 This is four coats of Sinful Colors Nail Junkie, no top coat.
I was a little skeptical about this polish because of the swatches but I've come to really love it.
It's a teal-like green-blue jelly polish with multicolored green and blue glitters. This polish is like two different colors in different lighting. When it's in sunlight, it turns into a lighter teal like you see in the image above. However, indoors out of sunlight it's a gorgeous darker green. You can kind of see the green peaking out on the free edge of my nails. It's such a stunning polish and dries fairly quick. It is sheer so it took about 3-4 coats to get it close to opaque. However, even with the four coats you see there's still some VNL. 

This is four to five coats of China Glaze Glitter Goblin with no top coat.
This is a clear based copper-toned glitter with holographic glitter packed in throughout it. Despite needing many coats, it looked so lovely and festive! I didn't use a top coat and it was smudge-ville without it! Not even a minute after taking pictures I had ruined two nails, leaving me no choice but to remove it.
Next time I'll definitely use a top coat if I plan on keeping it on for a while.


  1. Omg! I love the Nail Junkie color! It looks like a color a mermaid would wear! :)

  2. i love glitterrrrr and like Denysia said, the Sinful Colors one does look very mermaid-y! :)

  3. Beautiful! Nail Junkie is one of my favorites; I always use it as a layering polish though. Never tried to wear it on its own. Looks great!

  4. Whoa I fell off my seat thanks to Goblin! that is just SO beautiful!

  5. Beautiful glitters! I love how Nail Junkie looks :) It almost looks like there's a gradient hehe

  6. Waow!! Looks superp* I'v never really tried putting & experimenting with Coats of nail polish , but i'd try it now to a better look :)

  7. Love Nail Junkie! I got it last year and STILL have not gotten a chance to wear it! I can't believe I haven't gotten a chance to wear Glitter Goblin! Aaaah! It's so pretty!

  8. omg these shades are to die for! :D

  9. So pretty!! I just love your nails. :)

    xo - Sheila

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  10. Nail Junkie looks like it would nice for a mermaid type theme :)

    1. Lol I didn't even read the above comments. Glad everyone else thought the same as me when I saw them!

  11. Both of these look great, love the blue!!!



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