Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Think Pink Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Traci from drinkcitra to do Rachel's Think Pink Tag.
This tag is basically a creative way to help spread the word about Breast Cancer Awareness! 
Along with the tag, she has also started a giveaway which you can find in the same post.

1) Pick out your favorite pink food, makeup, fashion, and random item
2) Spread the message about breast cancer to a female friend/family in your life
3) Write a blog post about 1 & 2
4) Tag 3 of your blogger girlfriends to do the same

                 (Top left image source)
This tag was a little hard for me because I actually don't have many things that are pink. Despite how girly my love for makeup may be, I'm not really into pinks much. My accessory part of this tag isn't really pink, I know, but it was the closest I have (besides clothing, which I didn't want to try to picture) and it is one of my favorite necklaces.

As for the second portion of this tag, it's something I did talk to my mom about previously this month after I had done my breast cancer awareness manicure. Basically, we just talked about family members and if there's a history of it in our family, etc. 

Blush and Brunch


  1. I totally would have pegged you for a pink girl! What colours do you like?

    1. Really? I like blues, browns, greens, purple, and such. (:
      I like basically all colors I'm just not the biggest fan of pink.
      For example, I'm not one to decorate my room or my blog all pink. Haha.

  2. Lovely picks, Christa! Which lip butter is that?

  3. Mm cupcakes! I'm definitely a pink girl :) Thanks for the tag hun!

  4. I have that nail polish. It dries alot more orangey than pinky on my skin but I get a lot of compliments when I have it on :o) Great picks


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