Thursday, May 2, 2013

LVX Spring 2013 Collection

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Two coats of LVX Cerulean
Cerulean is a medium blue creme described as an audacious blue. This shade is my favorite of the collection, most likely bias since my favorite color IS blue. It's so opaque and applied fantastic, like LVX polishes do, and I just love the color! LVX suggests pairing this shade with pristine white and shades of golden yellow.
Two coats of LVX Azalea
Azalea is a light purple lilac creme. I feel that this shade is a bit more "dull" colored in person than my camera made it seem. It's such a fun and feminine shade and surprisingly opaque! Something about LVX's shades, I always think a dainty color is going to be sheer but it's almost a one coater! LVX suggestions for a calming look, pair Azalea with ultra crisp white and cool blue tones. 
Two coats of LVX Citrine
Citrine is a warm golden yellow creme. I really enjoy this shade and at first I was a little worried I wouldn't. I don't have any other color like this (which may not say much since I don't have collections like most nail bloggers, haha) and I really love the shine of it. LVX suggests to pair Citrine with Azalea for an ultra unique and retro look.   
Two coats of LVX Fantom
Fantom is a bright and clean white-out white creme. First off, I apologize for the weird color of this photo, my camera has decided to spazz out on white and dark blue evidently (happened with Indigo Bleu as well.) This white applies evenly though I do feel you have to work a little faster due to the decently fast drying nature of LVX, it can get a little difficult. However if you're just someone who likes to take their time, it's nothing top coat can't fix! Who doesn't love a good white? LVX suggests to pair this ever so classic yet edgy look with bright and romantic colors such as emerald and indigo.
Two coats of LVX Indigo Bleu
Indigo Bleu is an indigo blue creme. I apologize for the lack of two images for this, the second image was just unfix-able and I had already swatched two times and got the same result in lighting. LVX suggests with its mix of deep and intricate purple and blue undertones, this new bleu grounds their palette and provides a sultry dark to be paired with the brights of Spring.
One coat of LVX Viridian
Viridian is an opaque emerald green creme. I absolutely love this shade! It is so vibrant and opaque. As with a lot of great blues/greens, this polish does stain your nails. (I do have a trick I use coming up to help with that, though!) LVX suggests to pair this bold green with soft and romantic purples, like their very own Azalea.
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  1. LOVE Citrine and Viridian. Looking forward to your trick! I really like Fantom in your photos, too... Stark whites look so neat photographed. Maybe I haven't found the right one, yet, but white cremes look so white-outish on me, lol. Beautiful swatches!

  2. Love the shades. Will be eagerly waiting for more.

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    And will love to hear from you. I am a new follower of yours hope the same from you.

  3. I love these shades. I still really like Citrine :D

  4. Cerulean is my favourite!
    Where did you get that grass? Is that YOUR grass?? LOL

    1. LOL! You crack me up, Jayne! No it's not my grass, I cheated and photoshopped it in!


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