Monday, May 27, 2013

LVX Summer 2013 Collection

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One coat of LVX Modena
Modena is a vibrant and opaque poppy red creme. The formula for this polish is a lot like LVX's Vermillion. It's a bit thinner than others which makes it such a dream to apply and the color is so opaque! LVX suggests to pair this seductive red with white and neutrals. 
One coat of LVX Chambord
Chambord is a vibrant and opaque raspberry creme. The formula of this polish is the similar to Modena. It applies effortlessly and is such a lovely shade! LVX suggests to pair this affluent color with nude for an ultra chic look.
Two coats of LVX Deco
Deco is a lovely vibrant coral creme. I am absolutely loving this shade! It is so fun and I'm a sucker for blues and corals. ♥ LVX suggests for an ultra refreshing look, pair Deco with soft and delicate shades of blue and green.
Two coats of LVX Rive
Rive is an extremely gorgeous soft tan creme. I am absolutely in love with this shade! I'm usually not too drawn to nudes but this one is by far my favorite. LVX suggests to pair this wispy and delicate shade with poppy red for a refined look.
Two coats of LVX Celeste
Celeste is a light and luminous blue. I can't tell you how in love with this shade I am! When I first tried Callais from LVX, my jaw dropped.. you can imagine my reaction was the same for this shade! LVX suggests to pair this cool blue with vibrant coral, like their very own Deco.
One coat of LVX Mynt
Mynt, as you can guess, is a cool mint creme. I was so excited for this shade and it did not disappoint! It is such a lovely shade, like all of the rest, and has a great formula and shine. I can't tell you guys how excited these LVX collections get me because the colors are fantastic and the formulas never disappoint!

The bottle shot in this post actually wasn't taken at a beach, I edited in a photo I had taken at the beach last year. I told my mom about my idea and how I didn't know how I'd go about it, and without even telling me she went outside and started sifting sticks and rocks out of sand and into a bucket for me to place the bottles in.
Everything worked out even better than I hoped, thanks Mom! ♥
Polish InfoBrand: LVXCollection: Summer 2013Base Coat: LVX 3-in-1 TreatmentTop Coat: NonePrice: $16/eachWhere to Find:  shopLVX.comWebsite | Facebook | Twitter
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  1. I really like all of their shades! Deco and Rive are probably my favorite :D

  2. wow those colors are so gorgeous!! I want every single one of them!
    Beauty by T


  3. You girl have one of the best pictures and nail swatches I have ever come across. ♥ ♥ ♥

    Shang J.| The Feminine Crusade

  4. These shades are all SO yummy! I love your swatches :)

  5. I've been dying to try LVX for ages & your pictures make them look simply amazing! xoxo

  6. Lovely colors and fabulous swatches! Love!

  7. this collection is just stunning... <3

  8. Seriously, what is your secret to have such perfect cuticles?

    Nail Art Couture

  9. Great collection you have thanks for sharing! BestKreative


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