Sunday, June 9, 2013

I Love Nail Polish Creams + Release!

Disclaimer: This post contains product(s) provided to me by the company. 
I have a super exciting post for you guys today because I get to share with you the first ever solid color creams from I Love NP!
 I Love Nail Polish is notorious for having fun glitters in clear base (and adorable packaging) but now has introduced a wide range of ultra holographic polishes-- and CREAMS! As if this news wasn't exciting enough, they have also changed their polish base. 
If you're familiar with the brand then you may know that before it had a pretty strong smell to it. This never really bothered me much but I know some people weren't able to tolerate it as well. (To me it reminded me of the nail polish I'd play with as a kid)
While I was swatching, I could hardly even smell the polish which is always a huge plus! (Even my brother commented on that he couldn't smell it and how usually my room is flooded with the smell while I'm swatching)
All swatches are shown with one coat of la couleur couture 2013. However, I didn't really notice a difference before/after top coat application.
Two coats of Bunny Tails
Two coats of Where's My Tiara?

Two coats of Under the Bleachers
One coat of Grape Taffy

One coat of Sniffany
Two coats of A Twist of Lemon

All of these polishes applied great! The formula was leaning towards the thin side which put a lot of control into the application. The first coat came out pretty streaky in the two coaters but I don't consider that a problem since another coat smooths everything out! The one coaters applied great, the formula wasn't thick at all and the opacity was, clearly, wonderful!
One application tip I have for these polishes is to try to use as few strokes as possible when applying. This really helped me get a great application and reduce streaks. If I used too many strokes, it ended up with more streaks.
Polish InfoBrand: I Love Nail PolishCollection: CreamsBase Coat: La CC 2012Top Coat: La CC 2013Price: $10/eachWhere to Find:  ilnpWebsite | Facebook | Blog
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  1. That first pink is to die for!! I love it, like the perfect pink milkshake! :) I've never tried I Love Nail Polish but might just have to buy that pink! Thanks for sharing your reviews and swatches.


  2. All these colors look great! I can't pick a favorite

  3. woww.. I'm addicted to nail polish.. and I love the mint, baby pink and the neon pink ! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Amazing swatches! All the colors seem to go so well together. I'd just want to do a gradient or skittle nails!

  5. These swatches are perfect!

  6. Sniffany and Grape Taffy are so cute! They all are, really :)

  7. Oh my goodness! I love them all!!

  8. It's so hard to choose a favourite!! I think mine might have to be Under the Bleachers!

  9. Yup, I am loving all of these colors!! Your nails are so nice! xo

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  11. Love those shades, all of them :)

  12. Thank you for the awesome review and swatches Christa!!!

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