Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stud Manicure Tutorial with Born Pretty Store Studs

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Hello lovelies!
I recently did a stud manicure tutorial which I kind of had no direction for when I started but I ended up really liking the end result! 
It was very simple to do and it has an classy and edgy feel, I believe.
The studs I used for this tutorial are from Born Pretty Store.
They are 1.5mm, which I felt would be too small but ended up being perfect for my nails! If you remember the last time I got studs, they were too big for my nails and ended up looking way too silly!
I had a tough time deciding whether to get round studs or square but I'm more than happy that I chose the round.
The studs seem to be great quality, they're a nice gold color and I haven't noticed any color chipping. I was also able to take these off and reuse them when I was finished with this manicure!
I also used a wax rhinestone pick-up pen from BPS which made the application incredibly easy!


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  1. Loved the video AND the awesome mani :D

  2. I love the design and I have to have a wax pencil now. It looks so easy to pick up studs!

  3. super pretty mani <3


  4. I love this! It's so pretty! :)


  5. I'm thinking a wax pencil is a must! For no direction, you ended up with one kick ass mani!

  6. The 1.5mm ones are the best! I too love that they're reusable - lets me buy more nail art stuff! lol

  7. These are fantastic! They're chic yet rocker.


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