Saturday, September 14, 2013

Wonder Beauty Products Nail Polish

Disclaimer: This post contains product(s) provided to me for my honest review.
Hey guys!
Today I have swatches and reviews of Wonder Beauty Products featuring SuperChic Nail Lacquer.
I've had these beauties for quite a while and have been so busy that I didn't have the time to re-swatch them after my first attempt.
Two coats of Enchanted Slippers (w/ KBShimmer Clearly on Top)
One coat of Euphoria
Two coats of Katie Girl
One coat of Mink
Two coats of Punch Drunk
Two coats of Rive Gauche

These polishes applied really nicely and I have to say the only downside is that they have an acrylic smell to them. The first time I tried them it was a little overwhelming yet the next few times I could hardly smell it. (Maybe adjusted?) Other than the smell though, I think these polishes are pretty great and I love the range of colors WBP has for holographics!
Polish InfoBrand: Wonder Beauty ProductsCollection: N/ABase Coat: LaCC 2012Top Coat: NonePrice: $10-11Where to Find: EtsyEtsy Shop | Facebook | Instagram
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  1. omg i really want mink!! they are all so pretty

  2. Wow!!! So pretty! I love Punch Drunk as well as the shape of the bottles!

  3. Eek too bad about the smell. They look amazing though!! You should totally be a hand model :D


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