Thursday, October 17, 2013

Snorting Sprinkles: Lillith and Arabella

Picture this: The perfect life. Elegant tea parties, pristine porcelain, the lavish lifestyle.
An owner who loves you and a best friend who stands by you. Now imagine this falling apart, piece by piece, hitting the ground and shattering. The sound ringing in your ears as if a shuttle is launching a mere two feet away. This is how it felt to see Arabella's seemingly lifeless body hit the floor. Suddenly the joyful, lively Lillith that Claira once knew was lifeless and nefarious..
..and I want vengeance.
Hi. My name is Lillith.. play with me?
Product ListFaceCARA Perfecta Base Foundation : N2Temptu : Concealer WheelBen Nye : Banana PowderELF Studio Blush : Pink PassionCoastal Scents 88 Palette : Brown (freckles)Artificial Blood
EyesUrban Decay Naked2 : Foxy & TeaseNARS Eye Paint : Black ValleyEllis Faas Mascara : BlackNYX Slim Eye Pencil : WhiteFalse Lashes (eBay 111)
LipsTemptu : Concealer Wheel (Lightest Shade)Michael Marcus Lip Liner : Savage RedWet N Wild MegaLast Lipstick : Red Velvet
ToolsBeauty Blender : FaceCoastal Scents Brushes : EyesCatwalk Glamour Brushes : Eyes

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  1. Creepiest part is definitely how porcelain you look! So perfect <3

  2. Ooh scary...I wouldn't want to have been the one who dropped her...

  3. OMG, that story is creepy...the look is great though!


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