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The Makeup Show: Introduction

Ahh, such an exciting post!
Before I begin I want to give out some well-deserved thank yous. First off, I want to thank Melody, the President of Melody Joy Public Relations, who handled the press for The Makeup Show for giving me the opportunity to attend and capture my experience of the show as press. I also want to thank Alexis and her family for letting me tag along on their journey to Orlando!

This was an amazing experience for me and I'm beyond thrilled I got to spend it with an amazing and talented friend and beauty blogger, Alexis of XOXO Alexis Leigh. I know would not have got through this crazily fun experience alone while maintaining my sanity.

Be sure to check out Alexis' post as well!

In a nut shell: The Makeup Show is a pro-only event that is open to those in the beauty and fashion industry. The exhibitors of the show most likely are selling their products and also offer a pro-discount.

I first want to say that I did not come prepared for this event at all.
I had the mindset that I probably wouldn't want to buy much and I wouldn't need that much money and I was wrong, I was horribly, horribly wrong. I wanted nearly everything. I also didn't make any businesses cards which was a huge bummer for me..
Anyway, onto the brands!

Nars Cosmetics
The Nars Cosmetics booth, as expected, had a gorgeous display of their products. Beyond tempting, to say the least. It took everything I had when walking away not to run back and buy their Sheer Glow foundation after testing it out on my hand.. it is now on my wish list! They were offering a 30% discount which was pretty good but my wallet wasn't on board with buying it.
They introduced to us some of their gorgeous lip pencils, one of which a lady in the booth was sporting, I'll tell you now that Dragon Girl is an amazing red with from what I could tell, a pretty great formula.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
 OCC was a booth I was crazy excited to visit because I've heard so much about their lip tars but prior to the event I never owned anything of theirs. I now have their lip tar in Divine and I am in love! I totally regret not purchasing more colors at their discounted price. Their booth was so colorful and the people working the booth were sporting their goodies.

Kett Cosmetics

Kett Cosmetics is that brand I've never heard of and now realize I've been missing out. The first photo you see here of the Kett Cosmetics booth is Alexis being airbrushed! This was such an awesome process to watch from start to finish, it was my first time seeing it in person and the finish came out so natural and left Alexis glowing. We bought their creme foundations after being sold a lovely lady working the booth who informed us on it. I'll let you guys know how it works for me!
I won't say too much about this brand because like some others, Alexis and I have an interview with the owner about it and I don't want to give away too much. To keep it basic for now, Kett centers around not only great quality makeup but creating products that give you more than just a flawless finish. Skin care benefits are also included in Kett products as well as being completely vegan and free of fragrances, parabens, and it is also non-comedogenic.

Inglot Cosmetics
Inglot was a booth filled with color and variety, I loved it! Unfortunately they were always too busy for us to get a word in with anyone working the booth but it was incredible to see their lines laid out at one huge table. The gist of Inglot is high quality products at reasonable prices, what we as consumers want, right?
Inglot offers a system I'm sure many of us are familiar with, the freedom system. This allows you to pick any  eyeshadows, blushes, face products and so forth to put into one singular palette. With this, you also get to choose the size of your palette. I believe it goes up to 40 shadows in the eye shadow palette selection.

Z Palette
The Z Palette is a brand which I'm sure needs no introduction but for the sake of this post will get one anyway. The idea behind the Z Palette is giving makeup artists a convenient and organized way to store their makeup in one place rather than carrying around a variety of pots and cases taking up room in your kit and/or makeup bag. I've heard of the Z Palette for a while now and honestly thought it was all hype and that it's not something I'd want or need since I don't freelance or do jobs and I wasn't aware of how many cases I have lying around. However, after trying this out for myself I think it's safe to say I'm addicted. The idea, to begin with, is so fun and the fact that organization comes with it is a huge bonus. I'm probably going to be addicted to de-potting now..

Serenity + Scott
Serenity+Scott was a brand we absolutely loved talking to. The owners were incredible and it made me not only love the brand but the show more as well. The experience with this company was great, they were so sweet and the quality of their products was awesome as well. They're currently the makeup used on the show Homeland as well as others. Their personalities stood out and they gave us so much information and genuine attention. Look out for the interview with them coming soon!

Senna Cosmetics
Senna Cometics was another new brand to me. It was created by Eugenia Weston and is more known for its patented Form-A-Brow stencil kit. At this booth, they introduced to us their new Brilliant Bronze duos. These. Were. Gorgeous. They were pretty pricey so I definitely wasn't reaching for my wallet but if I had the money I would've bought them in a heartbeat, I'll say it again, they're gorgeous.
Alexis and I also attending a seminar done by Senna Cosmetics which featured shaping eyebrows as well as a live demonstration of their brow stencil. I didn't try the product for myself but based on the demo alone, I'd say Senna knows what they're doing when it comes to eyebrows.

Ofra, another booth filled with colors and reasonable prices that I had never heard of prior to the event. I'm really regretting not buying the colorful palettes we saw. The swatch shown above was done live in front of us by one of the lovely ladies at the booth to demonstrate the excellent pigmentation of the Ofra eyeshadows. How gorgeous is that swatch?! I was blown away by how intense the color came out and their color selection was amazing.

Franken Polish
Franken Polish was an exciting booth to visit as they were offering live demos of polish creation and also gave you the option to create and buy your own polish. This was almost addicting but luckily we only left the booth with one creation, despite wanting to stay and play. Something that I liked about this booth is that she had a young boy doing the demonstrations which I think offered people new to the idea the impression that this is an easy and fun process that anyone can do. Their shop sells everything you need in order to create your own polish; suspension base, pigments, glitters, bottles, metal balls, funnels, etc. This was such a creative booth to visit, and especially fun since you guys know we love polish!

Violet Voss
 Violet Voss had a gorgeous display of glitters at their booth as well as their brush set and an assortment of bows and other accessories. In the photo above you can see how Elessa (PurseBuzz) has swatched some on her hand over their Violet's Secret Weapon. Seeing this definitely made me want to order a lot of glitter..

I'll say it again and a million more times, I had an amazing time at this event. If you've never been to The Makeup Show you need to check if you're near any of their locations and definitely go next year. It's an unforgettable experience with a wonderful atmosphere and I am already awaiting its return!

To see the full exhibitors list, see here.
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*All photos are mine but due to the amount, I did not watermark them. Hopefully this doesn't bite me in the butt!


  1. Ahhh so many things to buy!!! You must have had such a GREAT TIME! What an experience!

  2. this looks so awesome!! wowowow lots to see and try :)

  3. What an amazing experience! Reading and seeing the pictures almost made it seem like experiencing it for real...but not really lol. It sounds like it was such an awesome event! The franken polish booth must have been so cool!!!


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