Friday, November 29, 2013

LVX Winter Resort 2014 Collection

Disclaimer: This post contains press samples.
Two coats of Avalon
Avalon is a bronze creme polish with rose gold and brown undertones/shimmer.
LVX suggests pairing this categorical copper with silver for a contrasting and daring look.
Two coats of Caviar
Caviar is LVX's, first ever, jet set textured creme polish.
Two coats of Graphite
Graphite is a true silver chrome metallic.
LVX suggests pairing Graphite with their very own Magenta.
Two coats of Magenta
Magenta is a metallic fuschia creme.
LVX suggests pairing this refreshing bright hue with Sapphire and silver hues.
Two coats of Sappir
Sappir is a sapphire described to have complex gray undertones.
LVX suggests pairing this intrepid color with silver and gray for an ultra chic look.
Two coats of Scarlet
Scarlet, my personal favorite, is a stunning maroon based metallic with gorgeous shimmer that is absolutely captivating when it hits the light. LVX suggests pairing this refreshing bright hue with Sapphire and silver hues.

As usual, the formulas of these polishes were effortless with the exception of Caviar. The formula was a little more dry than usual but I'm also used to using a thinner application in order to be precise, with a thicker application I had no problem. I highly recommend trying out these polish, especially the gorgeous Scarlet!
Polish InfoBrand: LVXCollection: Winter Resort 2014Base Coat: LVX 3-in-1 TreatmentTop Coat: LaCC 2013Price: $16.00/eaWhere to Find:  ShopLVXWebsite | Facebook | Twitter
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  1. Avalon is a winner in my book! Beautiful swatches!

  2. Gorgeous swatches! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ahh Magenta and Scarlett are BEAUTIFUL!

  4. You've had me lusting over this collection since you posted it & with their sale II can no longer resist. I fear I may end up loving themas much as you do..

  5. This is such a beautiful collection! I'm loving the look of Sappir! :D

  6. They are so worth it, I promise! I know you'll love them, I've even got my sister hooked since she tried LVX haha!

  7. It is! It was hard to pick a favorite but something about Scarlet just had me! :)

  8. I was loving them ALL until I reached Scarlet...OMG! I didn't even think that much awesome could be bottled.

  9. Haha! Right?! I don't believe I've seen anything like it and it's gooorgeous!

  10. I'm kind of loving Avalon. It is really pretty!


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