Thursday, January 30, 2014

Foxy Paws Polish

Disclaimer: This post contains press samples.
Hellloo there!
Today I have a nail post for you guys (YAY, it's been forever, right?!) with swatches of six Foxy Paws polishes.

To give the review part to these polishes, I was so pleasantly surprised to how well these applied! The formulas are thin and pigmented which made application incredibly easy. The only slightly difficult one was the glow in the dark, Just A Meaningless Kiss, which wasn't anything extreme it was just a little thicker but also only took one coat! The holographic polishes I swatched had such a nice amount of holo, it was really shocking and I probably stopped to look at them a for at least a minute.
The thermal polish in this selection, Love Changes Everything, is actually my first thermal and it was so fun to see how it changes!
My only disappointment here is how my camera reacted to the darker colors on my skintone, I seriously need to work that out!
Two coats of Love Changes Everything
(Index & ring shown in warm water, others in cold)
 Two coats of A Way Back Into Love

 Two coats of Baby Come Home

One coat of Just A Meaningless Kiss

 Two coats of  Can't Get You Out Of My Head

 Two coats of Dancing In The Moonlight
Polish InfoBrand: Foxy Paws PolishCollection: N/ABase Coat: LaCC 2012Top Coat: LaCC 2013Price: $13.86Where to Find:  Foxy FingertipsWebsite | Facebook | Instagram
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  1. Wow...Beautiful shades...

  2. Beautiful and unique!
    Kelly from Tuxarina

  3. These are such pretty colors! I'm really loving Love Changes Everything and Just A Meaningless Kiss.

  4. I love the first four! Thermals are sooooo fun, and I'm a sucker for pink and black. Black glitter in pink, though? Awesome!

  5. I LOVE thermals and holo thermals??? Ahhhh! Gorgeous!

  6. Right?! I was dipping my fingers in and out of water for a good five minutes.. I was probably having more fun than I should've been having haha!

  7. I agree! I'm so happy with all of them. :)

  8. This was my first thermal and I can definitely agree that they're fun! I agree, I thought it was a really interesting twist on some "typical" ideas!

  9. I agree, those are definitely some of my faves too!

  10. Aren't they?! Glad you like them! :)

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  12. what a beautiful colors going on there! i love love the second one!

  13. Such lovely shades!!!! I love your manicure! Thanks for sharing))

  14. Beautiful swatches, Christa! Just A Meaningless Kiss looks fun! :D


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