Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nanshy Foundation Brushes

Disclaimer: This post contains press samples.
Today I bring you lovely readers a review of what has become my favorite set of brushes over the past year.
The quality and presentation of Nanshy has easily won me over and I'm so happy to finally be getting this review up for you all! I've featured these brushes in many of my posts under my "tools" list and as well as in my brush cleaning video.

As usual, I want to share information with you about the brand because personally it's a pretty big part of why they're so awesome!
The founding of Nanshy was done with the mindset of being different, unique to what we usually see in the cosmetics industry. In doing so, they focused their attention on creating affordable, high quality cosmetic products. I think we're all used to having these amazing, unreasonably priced, cosmetics thrown in our face. Sure, we want them but typically there's space for them in our wallet.. but not in the way we'd hope. I mean we could literally fit them in the empty space of our wallets. Nanshy assures they strive to bring in products that have been researched extensively, their efforts towards bringing in great quality with regards to top brands.

Key features of Nanshy as a brand entail 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free products.
Their brushes are synthetic, animal fur free and approved by PETA.
The synthetic bristles are antibacterial, suitable for all skin types, and uniquely designed to avoid shedding.
Sleek and professional appearance as well as incredibly soft, dense bristles providing ideal application.
I've had these brushes for about a year now and they have endured several washings. The careful and the care-less. In the year I've owned them, I've never experienced any shedding. A few hairs have "popped up" on the brushes but to my knowledge, I haven't seen any come out. I am extremely happy with this aspect since shedding is always such a pain, especially when I can't find the annoying little hair that feels so itchy on my face. Another thing that I love about these brushes is that they're so easy to clean!
I use baby soap and I swear the makeup just slides right off, despite how full and dense these brushes are.
Each one of these brushes has a purpose, and while I initially planned on telling you what they are.. I think I'll save that for a video on how I use them. They can be used so many different ways that labeling them with one particular product or use just doesn't seem fair.
However, the site does have photos and descriptions on the brushes which I highly encourage you to check out!

So the big question that I would be wondering right about now, "Do I need all of them?" Personally for me, yes. After using them all for myself and becoming accustomed to their different uses, I've grown to love them all. With that being said, I don't think that you need all of them, especially if you don't feel that you do.
My personal favorites are the angled buffer brush and the flat angled buffer brush.

So tell me,
Will you be checking out Nanshy? Do you already own some?
What are your current favorite makeup brushes?


  1. I've been on the hunt for new brushes - these look amazing! Definitely checking out Nanshy xo Great review

  2. They really are amazing, thanks! :)
    I hope you love them as much as I do if you decide to check them out!

  3. Oh wow! These look fantastic! The price is also VERY reasonable for the set!


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