Friday, May 16, 2014

Floral Spring Nail Art

Hi lovelies!
Today I have some floral nail art for you. This is actually the first time (that I recall) doing floral pattern nail art and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! I definitely didn't expect it to go so well since I always envisioned it being a blob-infested disaster..
For the first mani I did with this floral nail art, I used LVX Porcelaine, Aster, Lemondrop, Lolli, Avireo, and Viridian. 
As well as La Couleur Couture 1963.
Base: Porcelaine | Yellow & Purple Watercolor: Lemondrop & Aster | Pink: Lolli | Green: Avireo & Viridian | Rose Outline: 1963
For the second mani, I used LVX Porcelaine, Aster, Lemondrop, Lolli, Avireo, Viridian, and Viola. 
La Couleur Couture 1963 was used as previously as well.
Base: Porcelaine | Color Lines: Lemondrop, Aster, Viridian, & Viola.

What has been your favorite Spring nail art lately


  1. Christa! Your floral pattern looks so good! I almost thought they were decals or something lol

  2. Wow.... So pretty! I love them both so much! <3

  3. Girl you do some amazing nail art! x


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