Sunday, June 29, 2014

Instagram FAQ

Hi loves!
So, on Instagram I asked if anyone would be interested in me doing a FAQ since I get quite a lot of questions that are usually the same. 
I figured why not make it easier to find answers?
These are the questions I received from my Instagram followers as well as my answers!
"How did you come up with the ideas of your unique style of makeup?" ―melly_love4
I'm not really sure how to answer this one since I just kind of do it. I see colors that inspire me and typically I just wing it. Typically I go in knowing what colors I want to use, but not always how. I guess it all just comes from my imagination, I don't really consider my style unique.. just colorful. :)

"How did you get started in makeup?" ―siranthajax
Unlike most girls, I wasn't always into makeup. I wore it, but it was just a middle school "everyone else is doing it" sort of thing. I got interested in makeup by watching beauty vloggers on YouTube. I guess you could say it was monkey see, monkey do. I was just inspired to  start doing my own reviews, eventually ventured into nails and then my love for makeup blossomed.

"How do you manage to have such nice skin? / What's your skincare routine?" ―amymimichang, lupesmiile
This is a question I would LOVE to clear up! My skin really isn't as nice as everyone seems to think. It's pretty average, in my opinion. It has cleared up a lot since I've gotten older but the simplest way I can answer this question is spot treatment and makeup.

As for my skincare routine, I use The Body Shop's Tea Tree Toner and Face Wash along with my Smith Farms Marshmallow Face Cream. (Which I am now out of and it has become much to expensive for me to be able to afford, anyone have any good moisturizer suggestions?) I also use Clean & Clear's Spot Treatment which works wonders.

"What camera do you use?" ―juju_beautywithin, lupesmiile
I use the Canon Rebel T3i.

"Who are some makeup artists on youtube that inspire you?" ―taylorspectrum
My biggest YouTube inspirations are Nicole Guerriero, Lauren Curtis, and Karissa Pukas. But mostly Nicole because I met her at the makeup show,  screamed I love you at her, and she was awesome about it so the embarrassment has fueled my love.

"What's your favourite lipstick and mascara?" ―shineonsilvia
My current favorite lipstick is Model Co Cosmetics' Party Proof Lipstick in Nearly Nude.

"How old were you when you started your 'makeup adventure'?" ―shineonsilvia
I believe I was about 16 or just turned 17 when I really got into makeup. So yes, I am still very much learning.

"Why did you decide to record videos on YT?" ―shineonsilvia
I started doing YouTube videos because I'd get soo many requests to do it and peer pressure is a bully!! Lol no, but I just saw so many people who wanted to learn and I wanted to be able to help.

"What brand of foundation do you recommend?" ―bananafarmerxd
Frankie Rose Cosmetics' Matte Perfection Foundation!! Oh my gosh, I cannot recommend this foundation enough. Changed. My. Life. ...Well, my makeup life.

"I'd love to know your brow maintenance routine! Pretty please :)" ―indelibleline
Uhh.. well this embarrassing. I really don't have one. I pluck them when I see stray hairs. I've never had them professionally done because I have serious trust issues and I don't want to be one of those people sitting in a chair glaring at the stylist every time they pluck a hair giving them the "that better have been the right one" stink face. (No offense if that's you, I completely see where you're coming from!)

"How long does a normal nudish day-look take you?" ―chrisna_botha
Contrary to what a lot of people think, most of the time I don't even wear makeup out. However, when I do I can do a no-makeup-makeup look in about twenty minutes. I'm pretty low maintenance when it's not for a blog/instagram post.

"How long does your make-up last? Do you touch up during the day?" ―chrisna_botha
Typically, I remove my makeup shortly after I finish taking photos of it. However, when I wear it out in the Florida heat, I get a pretty good wear out of it. Using my Mat Velvet foundation, it's not even a question. I've worn it in 90 degrees for at least five hours and it looked freshly applied when I got home. However, other foundations I usually get a good three hours before it starts to look like it needs to be touched up.

I do not touch up during the day because I don't take my purse with me anymore. Again, I'm low maintenance. (And lazy, who am I kidding..)

"Do you always use prep&prime?" ―chrisna_botha
No. Can we skip the "primer is important" speech just this once? :D

"What type of video camera do you use and also the editor you use?" ―bananafarmerxd
I use the Canon Rebel T3i and Adobe Premiere Pro.

"How do you prevent eyeshadow from creasing?" ―chrisna_botha
Eye shadow primer! I've never had creasing with any primer, shadow, etc. I think my lids are a little oily but it's never been an issue for me.

"Do you have a blog too?" ―sqsunrae
Why.. yes I do. ;)

"Any tips on eye make-up that turns eyes red?" ―chrisna_botha
I've never had this issue so my only tip would be to try brands such as Red Apple Lipstick which are cruelty free, vegan, free of gluten, allergen, parabens, corn, and GMOs, and guaranteed not to make your eyes itchy, puffy, red, or swollen.

"What is your bear minimum products?" ―chrisna_botha
My bare minimum can be nothing. However, if I'm having a bad skin day I can be fine with just my Frankie Rose Cosmetics Prime Addiction Primer and/or Matte Perfection Foundation.

I hope you all enjoyed this FAQ and it clears up your questions!
If you have any more, please feel free to leave them below!

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  1. If you're looking for a good moisturizer, I can recommend CeraVe PM. ($10-12 for 3 oz depending on sales) I have extremely sensitive skin, and it doesn't turn my face red or break me out. I use a separate mineral sunscreen over it, so I don't know if their AM formula is any good.


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