Monday, January 26, 2015

Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadows from Camera Ready Cosmetics

Hi loves!
If you've been following me for a while, you most likely know I have a slight (unhealthy) obsession with Sugarpill. The color, pigmentation, longevity.. everything is beautiful to me. Since my last purchase from Camera Ready Cosmetics was so succesful, I decided to take the business of the rest of my Sugarpill wish list (which has since grown..) to Camera Ready Cosmetics!

CRC has super afforable shipping as well as free shipping after $60 (no code necessary). I think my last order ended up being under $4 for shipping, which is awesome. I really dislike having to pay nearly as much in shipping as I am for the product(s) I'm buying.

From the Sugarpill selection, I purchased Magpie, Junebug, Hellatronic, Royal Sugar, and Sparkage!
I officially have all of the ElektroCutes and they're SO gorgeous!
These eyeshadows, as expected from Sugarpill, are incredibly vibrant and pigmented. They are loose eyeshadows so they do take more TLC when applying than pressed eyeshadows but personally for me, it's totally worth it. The outcome is amazing! What you see IS what you get!

Here's a look I did using Hellatronic and Magpie. (Amongst many other Sugarpill products that are listed on my Instagram)

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  1. Thanks for swatches!! They all so beautiful!! you did fantastic job with your eye makeup look!!!! Love.


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