Saturday, April 21, 2012

An Art Post

I'm currently awaiting some products that I'm excited to do a first impression review on, however I don't want to leave my posts dead until it gets here. So! I wanted to just post this drawing I'm working on for today and hopefully spark up some ideas tomorrow for a new post that is more beauty related.

This is a drawing I'm working on of a character from the game "League of Legends"
(I personally don't play the game, nor have I.)
I drew this based on the character 'Regifted Amumu' because my brother had asked me to a couple months back if I would draw amumu. (Halfway into the drawing he asked for REGIFTED Amumu.)

So even though this isn't beauty related, it's art related, which is also a big part of me.
I like to think that beauty and art go hand in hand anyway.

And hopefully no one is feeling as sad as this little guy.

Take Care ♥


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