Saturday, April 21, 2012

French Tip Manicure

So I was semi-recently inspired by a video AndreasChoice uploaded.
Using band-aids on your nails to guide a line or 'tip'.
I'm not sure why this idea never struck me before.. but I never wanted to buy the guides themselves. I considered using tape but that's so straight, and I like a little curve whenever I paint tips on my nails.
This was my first try doing it and it did get a bit messy and i messed up some but oh well. Practice, practice, practice.

Here's what I used and how it turned out!
It's really easy, I think it's fun, and much cheaper than going to the salon.
(Not to mention you get more practice in on your own nails.)

(Optional for a more precise line)

and that's all! (:
Clearly not the best nail job.. but I had fun. Hopefully this is helpful to someone else!

Thanks for reading 


  1. I don't think this look will ever go out of style.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. I hope not (: Thanks for the comment!

  3. Oh, I've never though of using those little round band-aids! That's pretty cool. I like the way your nails turned out!

    1. Me either, but now it seems so obvious.
      Thank you! (:

  4. Bandaids = awesome! Your nails turned out great! Very neat!

    1. So I found out! (:
      Thank you, I try to be neat though sometimes it just doesn't work.
      Also, thank you for following me, I really appreciate it!


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