Monday, September 17, 2012

Birthday + Nail Mail!

For those of you who don't know, today is my birthday! (:
Thank you to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday.

I was really happy when I found out that the nail polish I ordered was going to be here on my birthday!
Unfortunately, I had to wait almost all day for it and it killed me. Haha!
(Also, the lighting is a bit dull since the package was delivered pretty late, I lost the sunlight pretty much so no swatches yet either!)

This is everything I got:
China Glaze - Snow
inm's Out The Door Top Coat (4oz Refill.. no idea how I'm gonna do that)
China Glaze - Liquid Leather

Color Club - Blue-Ming, Who Are You Wearing?, and Worth The Risque

China Glaze - Holly-Day and Cuticle Oil

China Glaze - Fairy Dust, Nova, Snow Globe, and I'm Not Lion

As if this weren't enough, I got a surprise package from Traci from drinkcitra!
This really helped brighten up my day since I had been waiting for my package all day and it was so surprised and such a delight, it really made my day even better. (And I have a feeling Jayne knew about this?)
She was sooo sweet and sent me make up goodies and on top of that, a nail polish I've been obsessing over. 
Kind of funny story, I wanted to order it with this order but it was sold out. Then, a day or two after I check back and it's back in stock. I was 'whining' to Faraz about it last night and then today I get it in the mail from Traci! (It's Flip Flop Fantasy, by the way!) I also almost bought a primer the other day at CVS but she also sent me this BB Cream which said it primes, can't wait to try it out! I've also had my eye on the Revlon Just Bitten Lip balms ever since she reviewed them.. it's like she's in my head! Hehe :D
Here's what she sent:
Thank you so so much, Traci!! I appreciate it so much.
(P.S, her birthday is on the 19th!)

Thanks for reading! 


  1. What a sweet gift! Also, I like the polishes you chose! You'll have to tell us if the cuticle oil is good :)

    Happy Birthday!

    1. It really is! Thank you, I will! It smells nice. That's all I can say so far, though. Haha. (:

  2. Happy birthday! Those are some great colors!

  3. Happy Birthday Chrissy! Can't wait for the nail polish swatches

  4. Happy Birthday Chrissy!! wish you all the best and hope you have an awesome day :)
    and wow, nail polish over load, so many goodies and such a great day to get them :)

    1. Thank you!! Aww, thanks! Haha, I know. I think I went a little crazy.. I'm addicted now! Hehe.

    2. you're most welcome! :) and you don't even look like you're ageing, it's not fair, hehe :) can't wait to see all the nail arts you're going to do with those polishes, the colours are gorgeous! XO

    3. Haha, it doesn't feel like I am either! I'm so excited to try them all out. (:

  5. That Out The Door refill is monstrous! Haha so awesome! I love everything you got!
    lmao I'm glad you liked the items! Yep, I some how got into your head to figure out what I could get you lol! jk, but that's kind of crazy haha
    I hope you had an awesome birthday!! <3

    1. I can't describe to you the look on my face when I pulled it out. I knew it was 4 oz but something about seeing the bottle so huge (bigger than all my perfumes, I believe!) just put me in awe. I don't even know how to transfer it into my tiny little .5 oz bottle!
      Hahaha, I'm onto you! It's really crazy because I was eyeing the L'Oreal BB Cream but I was like " I just got the Maybelline" Thank you!! I hope yours is awesome when it comes, I'm going to caps lock the crap out of that happy birthday! :D

    2. lol!! Hmm that does seem tricky to transfer to the smaller bottle haha
      Oh yes and I hope you didn't mind I got your address from Jayne! I remember she had sent you the giveaway stuff so it was the only way I could send something without you knowing! :P

    3. Doesn't it? I'm going to need a small funnel..
      I figured, haha. Of course not. Sneaky, I like it! It actually took me a minute to think of how you would when I was first processing it in my head. I was like "oh my gosh she must be a ninja!"

    4. Yeah, sorry Christa I hope you weren't too freaked out when you saw that package from Traci ;-) We wanted it to be surprise! My package to you should be there this week :)

      I want that 4oz OTD topcoat!!! Mine is goopy halfway through which bothers me. Does that mean, if I get a larger bottle, it will do the same thing? Where did you get your massive nail polish haul from?

    5. Hehe, I wasn't freaked out, just really surprised! I was thinking "Is Jayne's package here already?" and then I saw Traci's name and I was like what? Haha. (:
      It was definitely a surprise! You two are spoiling me, I feel bad I haven't given you anything!

      Oh, really? I think I have half or a little less than half left in mine and it hasn't gone goopy on me yet. Maybe not since it'll be opened less? Good question! I know it was cheaper than 2 bottles and you're getting about eight! I still need to get that funnel, though. Head2ToeBeauty. (:

  6. Oooo so many new goodies!
    I love your selection of polishes

    & Happy Birthday ;)

  7. happy late birthday haha! that's so cute that all that came on the day, it's like an extra present ;) i've never ordered polish online before, that's a good idea to remember. and i like your loot- so many glittery ones!

    1. Thank you! I know, I was so happy. Hehe.
      Haha, yess. I really don't have any glitters so I got ones I thought I'd really like!

  8. happy late birthday!!
    will you do a post on the BB cream when you try it?I want to try it too but never decide to buy it...


    1. Thank you!
      I definitely will, I plan on trying it today!

  9. Happy Birthday! What awesome presents, I'm jealous of all those glittery goodnesses. Hope you had a great day.

    1. Thank you! I'm in love with all of them! I had a wonderful day. (:


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