Sunday, March 24, 2013

Guest Post: Captivating Claws!

Hey Fans of ChrissyAi!!  I'm Jodi and I have a nail polish blog called Captivating Claws.  Christa recently asked for a few bloggers to do guest posts for her and I jumped at the chance!  I just recently became a huge fan of ChrissyAi and her beautiful make-up and nails!!  She's so talented!!

I decided to try some nail art with all the colors in LVX's new Spring Collection.  Christa and I both share a deep love for LVX, so I thought this mani was quite appropriate.. I saw this post from Chalkboard Nails of a "Spray Marble" and wanted to try is asap because I love water marbles. Here is a youtube tutorial from cutepolish that shows you how to achieve this look. (I used Bath and Body Works body spray instead of hand sanitizer)

I started with a base color of LVX Fantom on all fingers, then spray marbled each finger with the remaining five colors from the spring collection- Indigo Bleu, Azalea, Viridian, Citrine, and Cerulean.  You should try a spray marble!  It's a zillion times easier than a regular water marble!!  :)

I hope you all enjoyed this post!!  Thank You, Christa for this opportunity to do a guest post!  Enjoy your time off!!

I was thrilled to have Jodi guest post and I love that she used LVX polishes! (I'm obsessed!)
I've never tried this technique or water marble but her mani is so tempting, I'm definitely going to get straight on that. Thank you so much for your lovely post, Jodi!  If you guys currently aren't, (which I'm sure you are..) make sure you go follow her on her blog at Captivating Claws!

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