Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Hello beautiful readers of ChrissyAi.com! I'm Traci from drinkcitra.com. Christa is one of my dearest blogger friends and I'm very excited to have been given this chance to share a post with you here! Thank you so much for the opportunity to post on your blog, Christa!

I would like to introduce two black and white glitter polishes I received from Victoria, the maker of a polish line called Serum No 5. These are the first black and white glitters that were added to my polish stash and I couldn't wait to try these out!

I used Maybelline's "Impeccable Greys", a deep grey shade, for the base, and topped it off with Serum No 5's "Thanks for the Memories" and "Happy Special Day". "Thanks for the Memories" has a beautiful combination of blue and green glitters, while "Happy Special Day" is accented with a rainbow of glitters!

Although this is a simple glitter manicure, I hope you like it :)
Thanks for reading and thank you again for having me, Christa!
This is so cute, I love the dark grey with the pop of colors of the glitter!
If you guys aren't aware, Traci was actually my very first follower/reader. From the beginning, she has commented, supported me, and really is who got me into doing nail art! She has been such a huge support system for me as I started blogging and a great inspiration as well. If you aren't, you definitely need to go follow her blog at DRINKCITRA! She is such a lovely blogger and friend. :)
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  1. Aw sniff...I love you, Christa! Thanks for having me! ♥

  2. Pretty nails, I love the glitter!

  3. YAY TRACI!!! Adore you to bits!! And LOVE this mani! So flashy :-) I agree- It reminds me of fancy urban street art, too! Love it!

  4. love traci! she's been the same for me and im so glad I've made such an awesome blogger friend! i know i can always count on her to comment and like all my instagram pictures! love you traci!


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