Monday, June 24, 2013

S&R: Black Luna Lacquer

Disclaimer: This post contains product(s) provided to me by the company.
Today I have swatches of Black Luna Lacquer shades. I'm a little disappointed with how my swatches turned out, my camera didn't seem to want to cooperate with me. Hopefully you guys still see the beauty in these polishes, however! Each of them has a pretty thin base, which I thought would result in sheer colors but they're all really nicely pigmented!
Two coats of Pale Sky
Pale Sky is an off-white based creme with subtle holographic shimmer.
Two coats of Naked Truth
Naked Truth is greige based with a subtle holographic shimmer. I thought adding holo to this delicate color base is a great idea, it really gives it an extra push and really makes it something special, just like with Pale Sky. 
Two coats of Rapunz'l
Rapunz'l is a medium purple creme. It contains iridescent glitter and subtle light purple shimmer.
Two coats of Dragon Fire
Dragon Fire is a dull copper orange leaning coral based creme. (Base appears brighter in photo)
It contains several iridescent glitters of various colors such as orange, yellow, red, and small yellow bar glitters.
Two coats of Ariel
Ariel is a deep orange based creme that contains small yellow-gold glitters.
Two coats of Cinder Ella
Cinder Ella is a medium based blue creme with gold iridescent glitters.
One coat of Enchanted Forest
Enchanted Forest is an emerald green based creme with gold iridescent glitter. The shimmer in this polish is pretty subtle but it is more noticeable than my camera wanted to pick up. It gives an interesting twist to this pretty shade!
One coat of Ms Independent over LVX Azalea
Ms Independent is sheer purple base with multi-colored iridescent glitters. I didn't expect this to be as pretty as it is from the look of the bottle. I was pleasantly surprised! I think a darker color under this would've shown it better but I still like this combination.
Polish InfoBrand: Black Luna LacquerCollection: N/A (Varies)Base Coat: La CC 2012Top Coat: NonePrice: $8/eaWhere to Find:  Black Luna LacquerWebsite | Facebook 
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  1. They all rock!! I think I liked Naked Truth the most :)

    1. Me too! :) Even though it's simple it has a such a nice look to it.

  2. Your nails are so pretty. Love the square shape. I like Pale Sky the best. Such a lovely color.

  3. I don't know..the swatches look great to me! lol. I'm liking Dragon Fire :D

  4. Cinder Ella is my favourite!! Although all of them are so beautiful!


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