Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Model Co Cosmetics Party Proof Lipsticks

Disclaimer: This post contains press samples.
Oooh! I am so excited to introduce these lipsticks to you all!
I can't tell you how quickly these lipsticks have become my favorite. The colors, formula, longevity.. all so great!
These are the Model Co Cosmetics Party Proof Lipsticks!
These Party Proof lipsticks come in two finishes, matte and cream.
Claim: "High-impact colour that won't budge, ModelCo’s PARTY PROOF Lipsticks are a super long-lasting, strong pigment lipstick in ultra-vibrant hues. The rich, non-drying formula glides on effortlessly without drying, caking or flaking. Housed in a chic white case and complete with an inbuilt mirror for easy application — these lipsticks are the perfect addition to your beauty bag."

Packaging: First off, I can tell how Model Co pays so much attention to detail as their packaging is INCREDIBLE! The lipsticks come individually boxed in the cutest boxing. The tubes themselves are plastic and have a (very decent sized) mirror on the side of each cap. I absolute love the idea of not needing to worry about carrying a mirror with you, you only need your lipstick!
Formula: The formula on these lipsticks is a little difficult when they're brand new but once you get a few swipes in, it's so incredibly smooth. Upon first application I started to feel disappointed but I can't tell you how my face lit up once the lipstick got warmed up and I saw the pigmentation. The color you see in the tube is the color you get on your lips, these are definitely far from sheer! I especially love how Model Co makes such vibrant and fun colors! 

Longevity: These lipsticks last me a good hour and leave a slight stain behind even as they fade in the day. I have only used these without lip liner so I feel that that may be the difference but I can't say I agree that they are totally kiss-proof. The color does come off BUT, it's not removed entirely from my lips. Does that make sense? Backtracking to my stain statement, though some is removed during drinking, kissing, partying;), etc. it does not completely remove the lipstick color.

Scent: Amazing! I'm sitting here sniffing these lipsticks trying to describe the scent of them in my head. Nearly Nude, Disco Fever, and Splendourful have an icing-like smell to them, it's delicious! I've shoved them up my boyfriend's, brother's, and mom's nose and have gotten an "ooh!" response from all of them. Coachella Crush, however, almost has a sun tan lotion smell to it, but not in a bad way by any means!
Price: $17.00

Ultimately: I love these lipsticks and they've become my favorites. The colors are amazing and I love the formula, Model Co knew what they were doing when they created these gems. If I could afford to, I'd be buying every color in their lines because I truly do want all of them!

Which one of these lovely Model Co lipsticks looks the best to you?
What's your all time favorite lipstick? Model Co has definitely become mine.
You can expect to see a lot more of these lovelies!

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  1. I'm loving the shades and the packaging of these lipsticks!


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