Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Model Co Cosmetics Designer Brow Kit

Disclaimer: This post contains press samples.
I have another review of a Model Co Cosmetics products for you all today!
This is their EYEBROWS Designer Brow Kit. If you've been reading ChrissyAi for a while now, you probably know I didn't get into eyebrow products until I was introduced to BDB. I prefer simple, natural looking brows. Anything too dark makes me feel like a cave (wo)man. (I don't say this towards to anyone else who likes dark and defined brows, I'm saying as a personal preference that I feel I look bad with dark brows.) Which is one reason why I love this product!
This kit, as shown, features a trio of eyebrow shades which I believe would suit a wide range of brows, especially if you're into mixing colors! The kit also features a spoolie, dual-sided brush, and mini tweezers.
Personally, I'm really picky about my tweezers so I haven't even tried these out. The dual ended brush's darker end is actually pretty good but the handle is too small for my liking. Though I imagine this is more for people on the go.
Claim: "The best kept secret to well-maintained brows, ModelCo's EYEBROWS Designer Brow Kit has everything you need to sculpt, shape and define your brows in a customised shade that best suits you."

Pigmentation: The pigmentation of this product is what I really like. It doesn't come off super rich, but it's buildable. I really don't like feeling like I have to be super careful with how I apply powders to my eyebrows. It's much easier to add on than to take away and again, I don't want caveman brows.

Ultimately: This brow kit really makes it easy for me do my brows. It's so hard for me to find brow colors that match me well and this kit makes it pretty easy on me. I typically mix the two lighter shades and lately I've been really happy with how my brows turn out, which is pretty new to me. If you're on the look out for a good brow kit, I highly recommend checking this one out!

Model Co Cosmetics

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  1. I like that this comes with multiple shades to mix. It's a really cute kit :D


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