Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Nail Polishes

More nail polish weee~

Today I went to Walgreens (I was hoping to find the Milani Liquif'eye but no luck.. :/)
I purchased four more nail polishes, one in which I have but it's getting gooey and lighter so I got a new one.
The Wet N' Wild ones were $1.99 buy 2 get one free and the Sinful Colors was $1.99.

Here's what I got!
Party of Five Glitters, On A Trip, Undercover, and Snow Me White.

Here's On A Trip and Party of Five Glitters on my nails.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Thank you! I definitely love the shade of purple it is. (:

  2. Aww, that's too bad about the Milani eyeliner :( I guess you'll just have to keep popping in to see if it's there. This is a great little haul at a great price! Party of Five Glitters and On a Trip look great together!

    1. Yeah, well we went to CVS today and they didn't have it in black there! So I'm going to try another store in the next day or so. Thanks! It was definitely a great price for some pretty good nail polishes too.

  3. Aw I hope you find the Milani Liquif'eye soon. I love the colors you picked up! Here's on a Trip looks beautiful! I love the glitter too!

    1. Thanks, I'm going to try Walmart sometime soon for it.
      Thank you! It's my first glitter polish actually (noob) so I was excited to try it out. (:

  4. Hey I have those except for the glittery one! I love them they are great for 1.99!

    I found you via beautylish, I love your layout it looks great. Very clean and simple!


    1. Oh awesome! They really are great for the price.
      Aww, thank you! I like to keep things pretty simple. (:


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